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Which Guild will your Kringlekin join?

(A cook, a carpenter, a cobbler, you decide..)

Which Guild will your Kringlekin join depends entirely upon which accessories you choose for them.

A healthy elf's strong sense of purpose, as well as their elf esteem is directly connected to the guild they have chosen. Finding the guild that suits their talents is not always a simple task. They may journey through several guilds before they find just the right one. To promote healthy elf esteem, it is important to equip your elf properly for this journey.

A Kringlekin lives to serve and serving others brings the greatest joy to a Kringlekin. Kringlekin dream of the day they earn the honor of becoming a Guild member. But which Guild indeed? A Kringlekin is most happy helping where they are needed the most. Your Kringlekin can't wait to know which guild you have chosen for them.

There are so many different Guilds to choose from: The Tinker’s Guild (Inventor of Mechanical Wonders), The Heraldry Guild (Bearer of Banners and Felicities), The Lollipop Guild (Maker of Sticky Treats), The Whisperer’s Guild (Caretaker of Four Legged Friends), The Sculpting Guild (Artisan of Things Carved), The Lullaby League Guild (Caretaker of Ittybittykin), The Alchemist’s Guild (Apothical Wonders), The Sewing Guild (Magical Garments), The Culinary Guild (Master of Suculent Satisfaction), and The Order of Ribbons Boxes and Bows, to name a few. Exceptionally talented Kringlekin aspire to become members of more than one Guild.

Kringlekin Guild accessories are located in the Elf Supply Shoppe at the Kringlekin Store.

"A busy Kringlekin is a happy elf."

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