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Kringlekin at the Emmy Awards?

Kringlekin 1998 Emmy Award Story


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Debra from the first moment she held a crayon, was an artist. A scholarship student to Art Centre of Los Angeles, her unique style and artistic abilities were recognized by peers and teachers alike. Her award winning talent formed a strong foundation for Designs & Wonders.

At seventeen she was hired as a window display artist for all of the Loehmann's Stores on the west Coast as well as price investigator for comparative shopping analysis.

Here she learned a great deal about sales marketing in the retail environment. Loehmann's was a wonderful experience but it was time to move on. Debra's next position as senior art director for Graphic Productions in Northridge, California was a real education. She was responsible for commercial package design and layout as well as training for all new artists. In her spare time Debra worked for Bill Burrud Television Productions, as a talented freelance matte illustration artist for title shots on wildlife.

After her two wonderful sons, Michael Paul and James Lawrence were born, she owned and operated a native American antique and art gallery, Galleria Del Sol in Palm Springs. At her store she specialized in interior design and display, advertising, and graphic design.

A few years later Debra visited the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in LA, which served as great inspiration. Imagine visiting a village 500 years ago, where everyone speaks in Elizabethan English, wearing wonderful period costumes. Debra being the original romantic could not help herself. She joined the Faire as a vendor and built a storybook thatched roof cottage resting at the top of a hill to sell her wares. Debra needed some new "themed" products to sell at the show, so she designed a line of bears, rabbits, and jesters. The new creations became a big success at the show. The jester line was discovered by a buyer from Disneyland and for five years her jester line was displayed and sold in New Orleans Square in Disneyland and Disney World.

It was at this Renaissance Pleasure Faire where Debra met the love of her life and current husband Frederick Lietzman. Frederick, who was a member of the Faire's cast, gave up portraying a captain in her majesty's Royal Guard in favor of a merchant's life, joining Debra in her business. True love at last.

Since Debra and Frederick have joined forces in 1987, they have attended national conventions and traveled all over the world. Debra and Frederick have received numerous awards including being honored in 1998 by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the Emmy Awards for their participation with The Young and The Restless on CBS.

Debra is looking forward to spending more time designing her new creations. Life couldn't possibly better be.

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