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Kringlekin 1998 Emmy Award Story


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Frederick has been a tinker, a dabbler, and an inventor as far back as he can remember. As a child, he loved playing in the back forests of northern Illinois. There amongst the trees and streams, his imagination could run wild. Thoughts of the wee folk running about the brambles and roots of trees (inspired by his scandinavian heritage).

Frederick has had an eclectic life experience. As a teenager he has welded and torched steel, building street lights with his step father. Worked as a veterinarian assistant and raised pigeons. Received an art scholarship by the Palm Springs Desert Art Center for his work in pastels and charcoals. He was a explorer in the boy scouts and served as a sergeant with the Palm Springs Police Explorers. As a Police explorer he was awarded "Palm Springs Explorer Explorer of the Year" by Police Chief Robert "Bob" White. During the graduation ceremony from the Riverside Sheriffs Academy (on a scholarship from the Palm Springs Police Department), Frederick was awarded "1977 Best Police Explorer of Riverside County".

Frederick was also a church vocal soloist. He won second place in the "California Search for Talent" hosted by the Exchange club of America (Previous winners were the Andrews Sisters and Pat Boone). Frederick won a music scholarship by the Rotary Club to ISOMATA music camp in Idywild, Ca. In High School Frederick performed leads in musicals as well as operas at the local community college. After high school, Frederick was accepted with a scholarship to the University of Redlands, in California where he majored in music. During his Junior Year at the University, he along with only 19 artists were accepted to the prestigious American Center for Musical Theatre or MTW, directed by Paul Gleason at the Music Center of Los Angeles.

Walking through his graduation at the University of Redlands, Frederick realized he had better find a job for himself. Always good with his hands, he thought making movie props would be fun. Armed with the pneumatic shaving blades he crafted for his University production of "Sweeny Todd" (In which he starred as Anthony), he was hired the next day. Frederick built props, mechanical effects and video effects for movies and television productions all over Hollywood during the eighties. Here are some examples; Goonies, Howard the Duck, The Three Amigos, Star Trek - Voyage Home, Cobra, The Running Man, Masters of the Universe, Robocop, MacGuyver, Star Trek - The Next Generation, to name a few.

It was during this time where Frederick met the love of his life and current wife Debra at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles. Frederick, who was a member of the Faire's cast, gave up portraying a captain in her majesty's Royal Guard in favor of a merchant's life, joining Debra in her business. True love at last.

Since Debra and Frederick have joined forces in 1987, they have attended national conventions and traveled all over the world. Debra and Frederick have received numerous awards including being honored in 1998 by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the Emmy Awards for the Kringlekins participation with The Young and The Restless on CBS.

"If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life..." - Confucius

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