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Beloved Mom

"She had the voice of an angel that was mightily used of God."

(July 3rd 1933 - February 29th 2008)

Mom was always there for us, always giving. She was an indispensable part of Designs & Wonders. We never could have have started this endevor without her. We were always together. We used to say; "We need to increase production, Mom sew faster." All of us would share a laugh over that line. She must have sewn thousands of Kringlekin shirts, heads and hands over the years. If we needed fabric and were a little short on cash she would get it for us. Anytime we needed her, day or night, she was there.

Mom was a gospel recording artist and sang from coast to coast and around the world with her sister Pam for over thirty years. The singing dynamic duo sang the praises of Jesus Christ under many names over the years; The Melody Three, Alice and the Lee Brothers, The Velvetones, The Dove and the Morales Sisters.

Born and raised in southern California, Mom started her singing ministry in her home church in the small town of Maywood. After traveling the western United States for many years with the Velvetone trio, she was called to be on staff at a national television network where she sang for several years. Her beautiful face and voice could also be seen each week on “Unfolding Majesty” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network around the world. She also performed along with Audrey Meir, her brother Armond’s group the Imperials, Andre Crouch, Russ Taff, Lily Fern, Dino Kartsonakis, Lillie Knauls, Johnny Hays and many others were also some of the gifted artists that came together to minister with her. Audiences of all ages were uplifted by the power and richness of her voice and by the beauty in which her ministry was presented.

Mom had a burning desire to share the love of Jesus Christ through the powerful media of Gospel Music. She had the voice of an angel that was mightily used of God. She was greatly loved and is greatly missed. We dedicate this website to you mom.

We love you mom. We shall all be together again.

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