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God Bless You, Debra

Thank you for visiting our website. It is my hope that Kringlekin will bring you and yours as much joy during the holidays as they have brought me and mine.

These characters have been a strong source of joy for me beginning with the creation of my very first Kringlekin made out of scraps of bargain fabric my mother purchased for me, to the social event that is the gathering together of my family, friends and neighbors that would help me cut, sew and stuff these characters, to the sculpting that is my current passion fulfilled , and to the laughter and the smiles on people’s faces as they discover Kringlekin on the shelves of my booth at a Christmas show. I love and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my Kringlekins.

I am especially proud of the new generation of Kringlekin born of my sculpting capabilities and fulfilled in the mold making talents of my husband. This is the look I had envisioned for so many years and I am so happy that I am finally able to share it with all of you now. Our very first show with our new Kringlekin was such a success in spite of the devastating snow storms of that season. The phenomenal reception of my new Kringlekins at that show and the beautiful comments made by their new found families were beyond what I had hoped for. I am hoping to have several new creations for you this season which would include the Itty-bitty-kins which have waited two years to be born.

If you are not already a member of our ever increasing Kringlekin family, it is my hope that you will join us today so that the joy of Kringlekin may fill your home this holiday season. Thank you and God bless,

Thank you note from Debra

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