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Why have the original plush Kringlekin changed?

(Original Plush Kringlekin will be available again - Fall 2010)

In life change is inevitable, even our beloved Mickey Mouse has changed over the many years. The famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said: "Art is never finished merely abandoned.". Debra's concept of Kringlekin has never been abandoned but it has evolved.

Many years ago, Debra traveled to Europe to visit her brother Eric who was serving in the US Army. While she was there she visited several doll museums and was inspired by what she had seen. All kinds of beautiful handmade and manufactured dolls. Her particular favorite were the dolls made by the Lenci Company of Italy, made during the early 1900's.

Sculpting has always been her first love, but Debra didn't have the means to replicate the Lenci process. When she returned home, she set aside her dream of incorporating her clay sculpting into her dolls and settled for a more financially practical medium and began working with fabrics. These soft sculptures were the first version of the elf characters Debra so dearly loved from her childhood.

Our current version of Kringlekin is what Debra had always envisioned but was unable to express until now. After many years of experimentation and research, Frederick has made Debra's dream come true. Debra's original Kringlekin sculptures are now duplicated in a form that replicates the Lenci style to her satisfaction but without the Lenci pricetag. Debra's Poseable Christmas elves are now a reality and their name is KRINGLEKIN.

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