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Dear kringlekin lovers,
I just wanted to share a few stories fellow kringlekin lovers shared with me over the years that warmed my heart and put the joy and magic in my holiday season.

"A young woman at one of the Harvest Festival's Frederick and I did many years ago had returned the following year to bring home another kringlekin. She told me that on her kitchen table her first kringlekin sat perched upon his ladder with the count down Days til' Christmas calendar in one hand and pencil in the other. With his silly smile he would greet her and her husband every morning while they had coffee together before going off to work. The thought that somebody, other than Frederick and I, enjoyed being greeted by those silly faces made me smile.
But then she went on to tell me that her husband had a terrible childhood and Christmas would usually be a very depressing time for him. But one morning, for some unknown reason he made it known that it was his job to turn the page of the Days til Christmas calendar every morning. She noticed that with every turn of the page his mood became lighter even joyful. She guessed that that silly elf had somehow touched the child in him and allowed him to finally begin enjoying his childhood. We here in kringlekin land firmly believe that you are never too old to enjoy your childhood in fact if you haven't grown up by age 50 then you never have to.” - Debra Lietzmann,

“A young man brought home a Kringlekin for his girlfriend and their new apartment one year. Upon his return to our Kringlekin booth the following year he told me of the strange events that began that first year with his Kringlekin. On the twelve days before Christmas, his elf became very active. One morning, while getting dressed for work, his girlfriend found her left shoe was missing. After a brief search she found the Kringlekin sitting on the top shelf in her closet clutching onto her left shoe. The next day a similar event happened with her right shoe, then her car keys and then her purse and just about the time she had had enough, she found their Kringlekin with a bouquet of flowers and a small box beautifully wrapped and clutched in his little elf hands. Upon opening the beautifully packaged gift the young woman found it contained the most beautiful engagement ring she had ever seen along with the beautiful ly written words of her young man's undying love for her and his proposal of marriage. I wonder if she received her ring on the fifth day of Christmas. If so, I think she was four golden rings short. I also think that substituting a lost shoe for a partridge in a pear tree is a rather curious choice, practical, but curious. How does that song go? On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….one lost left shoe. I have found that true love will always trump those curious choices ” - Debra Lietzmann,

“Everytime I walk by them, they make me smile I don't know why but I just can't help myself.” - Robert H., Seattle, WA

“To begin with I have one closet full of nothing but Christmas decorations! A few more boxes scattered around the house!Christmas was always full of decorating,cooking and family. Now 45 years later it was going to be just the 2 of us. Just like our first Christmas in 1964.We had been married since October and moved away from our family all in upstate New York to Phoenix. No snow, no family and our first time away from everything we knew.Very little money. In October this year I took a trip to Seattle to see my son and grandson and their families.My son( a Naval officer)took his wife and myself to Seattle to the Christmas show where I met the Kringlekins.When he asked me what would bring me joy this Christmas I took him to your website and Piperpot became the first Kringlekin member of the family. He was posed on a half wall in the diningroom and every time we passed him he brought a smile to our faces. It had been a hard month. My husband had been in a car crash and we were waiting to hear if his cancer had returned(it did not thank God) and this happy little elf brought laughter to us. I have my eye on Gammer for #2 for my upcoming birthday! Have a great day! Dee ” - Deette Church, Phoenix, AZ

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