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What is the average height of a Christmas elf (Yule Nissen)?

We at Designs & Wonders were not quite sure as to what the average height of the mature elf is worldwide. Our information is actually quite limited considering the fact that we have met only a handfull of Christmas elf families, such as the Piperpots, Nutnsweeders, and Blitzenhoofs, etc., Did this gathering of Kringlekin represent the average height of elf kind worldwide? We wanted to get some outside verification as to what the average height of Yule Nissen (Kringlekin) actually is. It wasn't easy, but we finally located an expert while we were on vacation. Here is what our expert said:

" The diversity of the elf species is considerable. Formulating an average height is difficult to say the least, compounded by habitat, varying climates, and other ecological factors. I would say...18 inches tall... on average". This measurement was certified by Dr. Egnacio DeLaPonza (PROFESSOR adjucnt criatura fantástica de los estudios y actividades de ocio, Universidad Nacional de coctelería, Ensenada Mexico).

So there you have it. All Kringlekin are lovingly handcrafted 18" tall which is actual elf scale! (on average)

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