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Kringlekin 1998 Emmy Award Story


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Picture of Mark Lewis

By Mark Wynkoop Lewis

©1993 Mark Lewis
(Emmy Award Winning Artist and Beloved Friend)

Dweezer wasn't a bad elf. No, he was just a sort-of-sometimes-didn't always more-often-than-not-do what-he-was-told-to-do kind of elf. AlI of the other elves worked hard and did their elf-chores like they were supposed to do. Dweezer, on the other hand, didn't see a need for rules and made a habit out of breaking them.

He got in trouble too. He had to clean out the reindeer stalls more times than any other elf at the Pole. But he never put two and two together . He just thought that everyone was picking on him.

It was the day before, the night before christmas. inch, the old stable master had just finished harnessing up the reindeer team to double check the tack in preparation for "the Big Night" to come. Dweezer stood, leaning on his pitchfork and watched as the last buckle was tucked into place.

A sweet voice called over the intercom. " Cinch, dear. would you come up to the kitchen and taste this new recipe for hot chocolate I've brewed up?” It was Cinch's wife Tupper who was the head cook.

" All right missus, ... be right there ...” he said. He saw Dweezer standing idle. "You! ..” he barked wiping his hands on his apron as he removed it and hung it on it's peg. "Don't forget to clean that last stall like you "forgot” to yesterday! I'll be back directly.” Cinch turned and marched up to the scullery.

"Pooh on you!” said Dweezer under his breath to the old elf s back. "It's not fair the way that everyone picks on me. Huh ... I'd like to show them...” He shook his pitchfork in the air. The reindeer stomped nervously and tugged against their leads. The sleigh moved back and forth a foot or two. Suddenly, an idea stole across Dweezer's impish face.

Now everyone knew that it was absolutely against the rules for anyone but inch and Santa himself to drive the great, red christmas delivery sleigh.

"But what will it hurt...” Dweezer said to himself, out loud. "I mean, no one will even know ... just a quick trip around the sky and we'll be back before anyone knows we were gone! He turned to the first reindeer in the team. whad ‘a ya say, Dasher, old pal? Wanna go for a little ride?”

Dasher pawed the ground and nodded his antlered head. If there was one thing that a reindeer likes to do, it is to fly! Letting loose the cross-ties, Dweezer ran back to the sleigh and hopped up into the soft, cushion-y seat. He had barely taken hold of the reins when, like a bolt of lightning, the team took off - straight up - into the sky!

Reindeer love to fly fast and they quickly realized that it was not Santa's firm hands on their reins. They kept going faster and faster! It was a run-away sleigh and Dweezer was just a passenger! Everything was out-of-control! Dweezer was terrified as they flew higher and higher and faster and faster!

They were now so high in the sky that it was very dark and very cold. The stars all blinked at them and ducked as the sleigh dashed past. Dweezer sat shivering in the seat. As they splashed through the milky way, Prancer got a wisp of it in her nose. It tickled so much that she threw back her head and sneezed! Her sudden movement, caused the sleigh to fish-tail in the night sky! It swerved and bumped into a rather large star, putting a point-shaped dent into the back fender of the sleigh!

Dweezer was very frozen and very frightened! He called out, "Oh Please, Dasher! Please! Help me!”

Dasher looked back at the trembling elf sitting all scrunched up in the driver's seat. Taking pity on him, Dasher turned the team around and back down toward the earth. They swooped out of the sky where he reined them in, slowed the sleigh down and brought the them all back into the barn again.

Dweezer climbed shakily from the seat and stumbled up to re-tie the crossties. "Thanks, Dasher...” he said, his eyes still watering. "Let's not tell anyone about what happened, O.K.?” The reindeer all looked at each other and shook their heads.

As he ran off to his room to try and stop his teeth from chattering, Dweezer said to himself, "The way I figure it,' what they don't know won't hurt them!...

But, what people don't know can hurt them! Dweezer was about to discover that there is a consequence to every action!

Remember that star that got bumped by the sleigh? Well, it didn't just get jostled up there. No, it got knocked loose from the heavens! It rocked back and forth for an hour or two, but all of that movement caused the big star work it's way off of it's peg in the cosmos! It finally slipped off and fell straight down toward the earth! Faster and faster it fell!. Soon a great, long tail stretched out behind it as it hurtled toward the unsuspecting planet!

Chapter Two

Christmas Eve had arrived and all of the North Pole was in a happy hubbub. The sled had just finished being loaded with all of the gifts and presents and the elves were finishing up the tying down of the cover. Santa was doing his pre-flight walk around when he noticed the dent. marring the red finish of his sleigh. What's this?” he asked Cinch, pointing to the fender.

"Flaming Feed buckets!” cried Cinch as his eyes almost pooped out of his head! "That wasn't there when I had it out yesterday!”

Well, it's there now!” replied Santa with a look over his glasses. look here,” he said as he wiped his index finger through the dent. "It's filled with stardust!” Santa rubbed his shining fingers and a tiny shower of sparkles fell onto the snow below.

"But Santa ... Sir,” sputtered Cinch. "No one was near the sleigh all at all except for me and ... and... " He thought for a moment. Then a look of angry realization shot across his brow! "and .... Dweezer!”

"Dweezer!” shouted Santa and Cinch simultaneously.

AlI eyes in the yard turned as Dweezer slunk out of his room and stood before them. " what have you to say for yourself, young elf.” asked Santa.

"I didn't think it would make any difference!” he said, pouting a bit and turning his toe in the snow.

"But you know that you were not supposed to do it!” said Santa, shaking his head.

"But it's only a little dent

"That is not the point ...” replied Santa growing more discouraged at this wayward elf of his. " You knew it was wrong! You deliberately broke one of the rules! This is not good ... not good at all ...”

Suddenly, one of the elves in the Sleigh Traffic Control and Meteorology Center who had been studying the sky suddenly shouted, "There's a star falling!”

Everyone there looked up to see the star which Dweezer had knocked loose hurtling down toward the North Pole!

Santa Shouted, "Every-elf! Help me load all of the presents back into the workshop!”

"But Santa!” cried Tink. "That star is almost here!”

"Then quickly! Bring out the reindeer and harness them up to the sleigh! We'll move it out of harm's way!”

"But Santa,” said Winderstitch. "That would take almost an hour to do and that star is closer still! There is no time!”

"You're right,” said Santa with a sadness creeping over his otherwise merry face. "For the first time ever, it looks as though, (sniff) we will have to, (sniff, sniff) cancel Christmas!”

"Cancel Christmas! Oh no!!!!!”cried all of the elves in unison!

"Everybody EVACUATE!” shouted Santa!

The North Pole exploded in panic with frightened elves running everywhere! Everyone ran to hide.

Everyone that is, except Dweezer! He had to do something! Realizing that he had caused all of this, he gathered up his courage, leapt up into the branches of the tallest pine tree at the North Pole, and began to climb as fast as he could!

The star was coming closer - streaming straight towards them! Dweezer climbed higher and higher!

The star was almost upon them just as Dweezer reached the tippy-top of the tree!

As it rocketed past him, Dweezer leaned way out on his long tip-toes and grabbed the star! It almost jerked him from his perch but his curly toes caught around the branch. He and the star both spun around three times stardust scattering all over everywhere! The tree top where he stood bent over with impact - down almost to where it touched the ground!

Dweezer held on for dear life! Everything was so bright and shiny that he could barely see! The star scarcely touched the snow before the tree snapped back up straight! With Dweezer still in the top, the tip swayed from side to side in ever "smaller-ing” circles. As it did, more stardust shook out of the star and sprinkled all over Dweezer and down onto the boughs, decorating the tree with dazzling light!!!! As it stopped, everyone peeked out from their hiding places. alI was silent.

Dweezer blinked.

The rest of the elves winked.

Then a great cheer arose! Dweezer was a HERO! He had saved everything, including Christmas! Santa and all of the elves at the North Pole joined hands and danced a jig - laughing and singing - around the shimmering tree.

Mrs. Claus hurried out of the house and laughed at the scene before her. She took a look at her small, mother-of-pearl pocket watch and said, "Just look at the time!” She waved to her husband. "Santa, m'dear ‘Tis getting late and you must hurry! Come get your hat your coat..”

Santa stopped in mid-jig and consulted his own time piece. Why, bless my soul!” said Santa in surprise. "It's 24 after December!” He turned to the assembled elves and with a twinkle in his eye he cried, "Come, one and all! Let us make ready!” In the flurry of activity that followed, the reindeer were hitched to the sleigh; the lunch basket with the hot chocolate was stowed just under the seat and as he climbed in, the last Teddy Bear was snuggled into the seat beside Santa.

From the top of the tree, Dweezer called down, "I'm sorry I broke the rules, Santa. I promise that I'll never do it again!"

"You are forgiven ." said Santa. "You have made up for your mistake and, by your courage and the goodness of your heart, you have made it to the top! From now on you shall be known as the Star Elf! Children everywhere will remember the day when Dweezer saved Christmas!"

Every-elf cheered and Dweezer felt all warm and proud inside! He hugged his star and smiled with all of his might!

The sun had just set. As Santa put on his driving gloves, he gave a thumbs-up to all of the elves and, with a wink to Dweezer, he whistled to his team and away they all flew on a silver moonbeam! ” - THE END...

Kringlekins, Registered Copyright 1987, 2002, and 2008. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission of Deisgns & Wonders Inc.