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Kringlekin at the Emmy Awards?

Kringlekin 1998 Emmy Award Story


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Debra & Frederick Lietzman

Designs and Wonders is Frederick and Debra Lietzmann, a dynamic husband and wife team. Frederick and Debra have been together since 1987.

Debra is the "designs" in Designs and Wonders. It is her designs, inspirations and creative skills that began this company with Frederick over 20 years ago. Of her many talents, sulpting in clay is Debra's favorite. Each Kringlekin© character begins as a lump of polymer clay. When the clay character is completed, Debra lovingly hands her original sculpture over to her "genius" husband, Frederick.

Frederick is the "wonders in Designs and Wonders. It is his mold making, animation and creative engineering skills that has everyone saying, "I wonder how they do that". Frederick has created all the "magical" processes necessary to reproduce Kringlekin©. Once Frederick has duplicated Debra's sculpture, it is then handed back to Debra. Debra then hand paints every Kringlekin© face and dresses them in the costumes she has made and prepares them for their journey to your home.

Frederick and Debra's combined talents have won them numerous awards including being honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the 1998 Emmy Awards for their participation with the "Young and the Restless" on CBS. Their beloved Kringlekin© were featured on the sets of the Young and the Restless during that Christmas season.

This dynamic duo considers themselves an "elfmade" success. Their true success, however, is in their ability to share their vision of a Kringlekin© Christmas in hopes that it will bring as much joy to you and yours as it has brought to them.

Kringlekins, Registered Copyright 1987, 2002, and 2008. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission of Deisgns & Wonders Inc.